To add, edit or delete DNC’s point your browser to http://[your congregation name] then go to menu -> DNC and from the drop down list select the map number you want to add, edit or delete a DNC. You should now have a screen similar to Figure 1.

Delete DNC

We will start with the simplest thing to do, that is delete an existing DNC. To delete a DNC scroll down to the one you want to delete and then tap the red “Delete” button along side it. You then should be presented with a popup warning message indicating that you are about to delete a DNC with two buttons, a green “yes” and a red “no”. Tapping the “yes” button will delete the DNC and tapping the “No” button will close the message popup window and will not delete the DNC.

Add or Edit DNC

The procedure for these two actions are almost identical, after tapping the green “Add DNC” or yellow “Edit” button alongside the DNC you want to edit, you will be presented with either a blank form for adding a new DNC or a form pre filled out with the existing DNC data (See Figure 2 & 3).

The fields are as follows:

Number: The house number or unit number should go here. i.e. “12” or “Unit 3 / 14”

Street: The name of the street goes here, try to keep the way you enter uniform. i.e. “Heatherdale” or “Seaham” whether you add “Street” or “Avenue” after is entirely optional, just keep in mind that what ever you enter in these first two fields will be displayed in a popup when a brother taps on a DNC marker in the CongMaps app.

Latitude & Longitude: These two fields will be populated automatically as soon as you move the marker over the house that you want to include as a DNC. (Figure 3) The markers default position is the centre of the selected map so if you are editing this using your phone it might be a little fiddly. you can drag the marker with your finger over the house and the normal pinch to zoom feature for mobile devices will work if you need to zoom in or out on the map.

Marker Colour: Select from the drop down list what colour you wish to set the marker. The default colour is Amber. The different colour markers can be used to indicate the type of DNC.

Public Notes: Anything typed into this field will be displayed when a brother taps on a DNC marker in the app.

Private Notes: Anything typed into this field will only be displayed to those brothers that have been given access to the manage maps app.

Note: Some congregations may have an additional field titled “Birthday” this is not in use at this time and can be ignored.

When all the fields have been entered or edited, simply tap the green “Save” button and your DNC will be added or edited. The changes are instantaneous and all brothers should be able to see the new DNC on their devices immediately.
Figure 1
Figure 2
Figure 3
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