Just to let everyone know that we have updated the pins to include 8 different colours. Some users have found new and interesting uses for them especially during this COVID-19 pandemic. Some are using a coloured pin to mark homes that are incorrectly numbered on Google maps. Other uses are to mark foreign language homes in our territory so that these are not called on if there is that particular foreign language group that is servicing your area (just in case we get back to "normal" field service one day).

Anyway, this introduces a problem for your publishers because it's hard to remember what all the different coloured pins mean. That is why we have added a new page to the app menu, "Pin Legend". This page displays all the pins and indicates their use (if it has been setup in app settings).

New Pin Legend Page

For those who have administration access the "Coloured Pins Use" text can be set and or edited in the settings menu.

App Settings

Not everyone needs or uses different coloured pins so we won't be updating the app automatically. If you want to update to the latest version let us know and I will upgrade you.

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